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Candles were made in 3000 BC by the Egyptians from melted animal fat and beeswax. Today, most candles are made out of waxes like paraffin, soy, and palm. These illuminations are simple and relaxing objects that we are naturally drawn to. The floral, herbal, and other alluring scents that candles provide calm us down and can even bring back strong memories of the past. The flickering of the flame also draws us in and provides a unique ambiance, while the comforting soft glow gives us a sense of charm and ease.

It’s just one more of the many reasons that luxury scented candles make such valuable additions to your home. Depending on your preferred scent, you can influence your own mood and emotions, or even change the feel of an entire room!

Here’s something fascinating – you can even train your nose to become more sensitive! Become scent conscious by taking a moment to enjoy the smell of your tea before tucking in, or pick out the scents of rain, cut grass and the heavenly scents from passing restaurants.

Science In Scents

There have been a whole bunch of scientific studies done on this area, but we won’t run you through them in detail; just tell you the results. They found that:

  • Memories from scents and smells tend to be stronger and more emotional
  • These memories tend to be from earlier in life, as opposed to adult memories
  • They’re often thought of less often than memories arising from sight, sound and touch

That is interesting, right? The smell of things we associate in our memories such as pine wood or the cake your mum used to cook you can both evoke much stronger responses in your head than if you’d just seen them.

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Improve Your Health

As well as certain smells bringing on individual memories, there are certain scents that science says we all love. It’s part of why aromatherapy works so well – because we naturally associate these smells with pleasant things. For example, the scents of orange and lavender reduce anxiety and improve mood.



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